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Kind words from our clients:

From a Client Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kimberly R of Houston TX shares her story of using diet and QRA to address her RA symptoms:

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) in 1994 at the age of 17. The disease came out of nowhere. I was a very active teenager involved in cross-country, cheerleading, and track. I was at the top in all of the sports that I competed in and Varsity on the cheerleading squad.. ...I lost 20 pounds and 75% of my muscle strength within the first 6 months of that year. I slept a lot from the pain as well as depression, and my parents had to help me with minor tasks such as blow drying my hair or getting out of bed. Click here to read the entire testimony...


Sherri...I am grateful that I came to know you this year. You have been a blessing in my life. When I came to you in desperation you brought hope, possibilities, wisdom and new insights to approach my condition in a different and innovating way, "the right way." I can't thank you enough for helping me with my health issues bringing and motivating me to look for optimal health and stay that way. Your wisdom, insight and healing abilities are wonderful and thank you for being so caring and uplifting... Thank you for your commitment to excellence in your methods, ideas and products and thank you for recommending what is best to bring full optimal health and most of all achieve Total Body Healing! -- Eileen F, Houston TX


Iím a 51 year old male who believes he can still "go for it". As an avid mountain biker/downhill skier/and almost black-belt, I tend to mess myself up on a regular basis. The last 2 times I had Sherri work her "magic" on me!

A couple of months ago I strained the Achilles tendon and had Sherri look at it. We ended up mud packing,I took supplements and nanos. I was back on the road within 1 week.

Most recently, I strained something in my shoulder trying to do a 4-minute upper body workout. Two days after my workout I couldnít do anything with my right arm! I received a sharp pain in the shoulder if I moved my arm more than an inch or two. It was a major effort just trying to lay down to go to sleep. Sherri tested me and advised me to put a pack on it. She also recommended some supplements and nanos. The next day I could move my arm again. I was back to Tae Kwon Do by the end of the week (donít tell Sherri).

Iím also a fan of thermography. I had my first scan several years ago and it showed some scary red and orange streaks going up the left side of my neck. (This is what you would call a wake-up call.) I started with diet changes that Sherri recommended and had another scan done recently. My neck looks much better Ė and I can sleep more peacefully knowing that Iím heading in the right direction.

Iím certain that both my longevity and quality of life are vastly improved by Sherri and Bridge to Better Health.

See you on the trails! -- John L, Houston TX


Sherri seems to have an excellent understanding of QRA and is enormously sensitive and has innate healing ability. She is loving and caring and uplifting to be around. (She) is a wonderful communicator -- very clear. ...Her kindness helps one feel comfortable going to her and with her high degree of knowledge, one could always get their question answered! ... She is not judgmental of anyone's level of understanding. Besides, with her high degree of sensitivity, she recognizes everyone's greatness. -- Devakaur K, Orlando FL


With a large smile I read your email with great interest and thanks. Thank you so much for seeing my father. ...I am grateful for your detailed care of my father and for how he has taken to your clinic, and is eager for follow up. This is more than what I would have imagined for him. I think he is realising the benefits of QRA, perhaps more than what I would have thought. It is lovely to see him jump on board so quickly. Thank you.

...I wish for others to realise QRA is not an alternative, but rather, should be integrated as part of primary care -- I believe alternative is a word that is not suitable for QRA -- as I ask, alternative to what??...

I am grateful for Dr. Marshall's discovery of the discipline of QRA and his powerful dedication and passion to further his knowledge in this remarkable field... and I am naturally grateful for your earnest desire to further QRA in Houston. Your skills have been highly recommended to me.... -- Jacqueline M, MD, Ireland


Sherri, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your help. Illness or an unfavorable test result can be frightening and confusing. The traditional medical treatment recommendations can be equally frightening and confusing. Alternative treatment methods are abundant but can be difficult to sort out the truly effective methods and products. Thank you for your diligence and hard work discerning what methods and products are truly effective in helping to resolve illness in a safe and effective way.

Your implementation of QRA and EFT have personally helped me experience marked improvement in my health concerns with no side effects or adverse reactions. I look forward to continued success and improvement with your testing and guidance. Thanks again for your commitment to excellence in your methods and products. I will be calling soon for a follow-up appointment. Sincerely, -- Susan M, Kingwood, TX


Hello Sherri:
Just to give you an update on my health. I am doing a lot better. The supplements that you gave are really working in my body and of course eating the right way has helped me tremendously! My stomach and my intestines feel lighter and stronger. I am digesting very well what I eat and my stool is back to normal...Thanks again for all your wisdom and help! See you again in few weeks. Have a great Day!
-- Eileen F, Houston, TX


Testimonials on QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) and Dr. Bob Marshall, founder of QRA:

"QRA delivers a whole new health paradigm which dramatically raised my own level of health as well as made it possible for me to successfully treat cases I could never help before." --B Shirley, RPh, CCN

"Cutting-edge nutrition information and biofield assessment procedures. Will allow me to help patients at a much deeper level and -- those difficult and complicated cases! Dr. Marshall will open you up to a new level of understanding regarding nutrition, health, toxicity, detoxification, etc." -- P Stangil, DC

"These techniques have profoundly amplified the scope of clinical response, accelerating results, deepening effects and have worked consistently well. It would be called magic if it were not explainable by quantum physics." --S White, DC, DACBN, CCN

"Dr. Marshall has put together the most comprehensive and helpful paradigm for clearing chronic and acute illness." -- L Marshall

"The best! You need this to take care of yourself, your family, your friends, and your patients." -- T Cardwell, MS, DC, CCN

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