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Analysis of the Red Lines

in the Whites of Your Eyes

"The red lines aren't necessary to supply blood to your eye...." That statement surprised me. If they don't carry blood, then what do they do?

The following Sclerology questions are answered below:

What is Sclerology?

Sclerology (pronounced sclerol'-ogy) is the interpretation of the sclera or the white part of the eye. A Sclerologist observes the red lines, various colors and gels seen in the eye and then compiles this information to make recommendations that will build health.

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What are the benefits of Sclerology?

Sclerology is non-invasive and it’s a cost-effective way to assess the body. Children as well as adults benefit from these appointments. It is one of the tools Sherri recommends to all of her clients. Sclerology can:

  • Allow clients to be educated on potential conditions BEFORE symptoms manifest

  • Verify and enhance data obtained by Iridology and other modalities

  • Reflect the influence of emotions on the physical body

  • Partner beautifully with nutrition

  • Show changes as the body heals

Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer also explained that one of the real benefits of Sclerology is that “signs can show up in the sclera long before they are felt as symptoms. This is a great advantage in terms of treatment, prevention, and especially health promotion.”

holistic health sclerologyYour body wants to be in balance, and when you give it what it needs, it will respond and do what it can to regain balance, allowing you to make the most of your life.

Sherri feels that information gathered in an Sclerology session provides invaluable information for your health and wellness.

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What can it reveal?

Sclerology is helpful in revealing how one part of the body can influence symptoms of discomfort in another. This helps us uncover root causes that may be causing your symptoms. Sclerology can identify:

  • Current stress in the body

  • Where root causes originate

  • Where symptoms are likely to be noticed

  • How emotions can influence physical symptoms

  • Areas of stress and congestion within the body

  • Various types of trauma

  • sclerology techniquesSigns of cardiovascular, liver and other organ disorders

  • Colon conditions

  • Immune system conditions

  • How stress in one part of the body can influence symptoms in another

  • Effects of stress, and more!

Note: Sclerology does not reveal disease and an appointment doesn’t lead to a diagnosis. While the sclera can reveal some current conditions and stress affecting body systems, it is most useful for prevention and long-term health.

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How much does it cost?

With her training as a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist, Sherri has found that it is highly beneficial to combine an iridology appointment with a sclerology appointment.  This type of session is called "Eyology."


Eyology sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, and are billed at $90 per hour.  So the entire session is $135.

Most people choose to purchase nutritional supplements. These are not included in your appointment fees.

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