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qra quantum reflex analysisQuantum Reflex Analysis:

Have you ever been to a band concert? Even when all instruments aren’t top of the line or played by experienced musicians, when one clarinet is too sharp or the trombone a little flat, everyone in the room – even non-musicians – know something’s off.

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is one of the main pillars of this practice. This technique helps promote rapid recovery. One of the first steps to health is to restore the biofield. When the body's energetic field, or biofield, is disrupted or chaotic, it's unable to function as efficiently as it is designed.

The body wants to be in harmony, too! Researchers have learned to interpret some of the signals the body sends and if we pay attention, the body will guide us in restoring equilibrium.  Quantum Reflex Analysis, or QRA, is an outstanding technique that helps us to tap into the body and to see what areas are weak and in need of support.

Like musicians in a symphony, our tissues, organs and glands can harmonize through measurable frequencies that are different from one another yet in sync together. In fact, each organ and gland has its own frequency that makes it unique and discernable from other tissue, similar to the instruments in our earlier example. The term "biofield" has been created to describe this electrical aspect of the body and it refers to your body's subtle energetic system.

In addition to uncovering imbalances within the biofield, QRA also helps uncover organs and glands that are weak as well as pinpoint specific nutrients that can rebalance these weaknesses. With these things in place, your body has a greater capacity to heal itself.

The technique associated with QRA is the Bi-Digital O-Ring, a university-proven muscle testing system.

Dr Bob Marshall QRA Houston TX When the Biofield is restored

and fully functional, a thimble full of nutrients can do the work that previously,

a wheelbarrow full could not.

--Dr. Robert Marshall

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What do other practitioners say about QRA

Across the United States, thousands of people are finding relief from their symptoms with the QRA process and Dr. Marshall's premier products. Here are some quotes by other QRA practitioners:

"QRA delivers a whole new health paradigm which dramatically raised my own level of health as well as made it possible for me to successfully treat cases I could never help before." -- Beth Shirley, Registered Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"These techniques have profoundly amplified the scope of clinical response, accelerating results, deepening effects, and have worked consistently well. It would be called magic if it were not explained by quantum physics." -- Stuart White, Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"I am writing to tell you how happy I am using Premier products. I get results with my patients two to three times faster than before." -- Janice M. Piro, Chiropractor

"Dr. Marshall has put together the most comprehensive and helpful paradigm for clearing chronic and acute illness."

-- Laura Marshall, CA

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Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)