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Houston Naturopath Sherri LundSherri Lund has always had an appreciation for the human body and how it is made. She believes that herbs, water, oils, minerals, and other nutrients – even things yet to be discovered – were created for our well-being.

During her first pregnancy in 1983, she was introduced to herbs. Over time, Sherri and her husband had five children, homeschooling them through most of their school years.

Through raising a family on one income, she learned to appreciate the importance of addressing an ailment quickly and effectively. so that recovery time is shortened, expenses are minimized, and the body is strengthened (assuming the products are natural).

Sherri Lund's passion is to help people make the most of their lives and reach their full potential. Bridge to Better Health, LLC was established to build upon that desire. She seeks to serve her clients through health consultations, emotional support, and Medical Thermography.

A Note from Sherri:

Depression, illness and stress brought me to a low point in my life, but experiencing these dark times helped me appreciate what I have, what I've been given and what I can share with others. Through my own struggles as well as my work with family, friends and clients, I have found herbs and natural therapies to be superior in addressing a wide range of circumstances - from simple childhood issues and even chronic conditions. When supporting the body (physically, emotionally, and mentally) with gentle, natural techniques, I have not been disappointed.

One thing I have learned is that I love encouraging people to listen to their heart and reach for their goals. It is my pleasure to partner with people who are willing be proactive with their health.

Education and Training

Sherri Lund earned her Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University in 1983, specializing in Child Development and Family Life. She completed her Doctorate of Naturopathy through Trinity College of Natural Health.

In addition to her naturopathic studies, Sherri continues to study ways that will build her client's health. She seeks out non-invasive modalities that provide a comprehensive way to evaluate or promote health and is especially interested in the tremendous success of the ancient Chinese and Indian cultures. Additionally, Sherri finds the emerging field of Functional Medicine and Quantum Physics fascinating as they apply to health. Her dissertation provided extensive research on the connection between emotions and physical health and how they influence one another.

For health consultations, Sherri incorporates the principles of functional medicine, quantum physics, and oriental medicine. She has studied this approach with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Dr. Steven Noseworthy, Dr. Thomas Culleton, as well as Gary Craig, Carol Look, and others. She also utilized Medical Thermography and standard lab work such as blood tests, saliva panels, and other forms of testing to get a broad overview of how her client's body is functioning.

One form of in-house testing includes Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA). Sherri studied QRA with Dr. Robert (Bob) Marshall and is excited about the conditions that can be affected with this program. She completed the advanced requirements for QRA and is one of a few QRA practitioners referred in the Houston area. With QRA, the focus is on the client's energetic system. In addition to developing nutritional supplements, Dr. Marshall teaches practitioners to use advanced forms of detoxification, which Sherri Lund highly recommends.

natural health houstonWhen deciding what modalities to train in, Sherri considered many that are known in holistic science today. She feels that, when combined, these various modalities offer a comprehensive view into your health enabling her to design a specific and individualized set of recommendations.

Sherri and her husband, John, share their home with some of their five children and various pets. They are active in their Christian faith. In addition to spending time with family, they enjoy traveling, nature, photography, art and music.

Continuing Education

(partial listing)

Functional Blood Chemistry

2008 - Houston, TX


2010 - Houston, TX

Steven Noseworthy, DC, DACNB, DCCN, BSc (Hon), BComm (Hon)

Functional Endocrinology

2007 - Austin, TX


Mastering the Thyroid

2011 - Dallas, TX

Datis Kharrazian, DC, DHSc, MS, M.Neuro.Sci, FAACP, FACFN, DACNB, DABCN, DIBAK, CNS

Neurotransmitters and the Brain

2011 - Irvine, CA

Datis Kharrazian, DC, DHSc, MS, M.Neuro.Sci, FAACP, FACFN, DACNB, DABCN, DIBAK, CNS


2010 - present - Houston, TX

A 20-part series of classes written by Datis Kharrazian, DC, DHSc, MS, M.Neuro.Sci, FAACP, FACFN, DACNB, DABCN, DIBAK, CNS. Presented by Drs. Noseworthy and Culleton.

This series goes in-depth with the relationship between the brain, nervous system, immune system, digestion, and hormones for males, females, regardless of age. When these systems are compromised, one will affect the other. This ongoing set of classes has provided invaluable insight to many of our health cases.

Quantum Reflex Analysis Basic Training

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - Austin, TX

2006, 2008 - Houston, TX

Dr. Bob Marshall, PhD, CCN, DABCN

Quantum Reflex Analysis, Advanced Training

2006, 2007, 2010 - Austin, TX

Bob Marshall, PhD, CCN, DABCN and Dr. Linda Forbes, DC, LAc, OMD, DABCN

QRA College

Jan - April, 2008 - Orlando, FL - 60 hours of Advanced Instruction

Matthew Jacobs, QRA Advanced Practitioner & Trainer

American College of Clinical Thermology, Certification

August 2007 - Beaufort, NC

October 2009 - Ft Myers, FL

Peter Leando, Meditherm, Inc

American College of Clinical Thermology, Conference

September 2007 - Duke University, Durham, NC

October 2009 - Fort Myers, FL

NAET - Allergy Elimination Technique, Basic Training

August 2010 - Buena Park, CA

Devi Nambudripad, MD, DC, LAc, PhD


NAET - Symposium

August 2011 - Buena Park, CA

Devi Nambudripad, MD, DC, LAc, PhD and others

BioDézyne Wellness System

May 2010 - Houston, TX

DicQie Fuller-Looney, PhD, DSc

January 2011 - Houston, TX

Devra Lindsey


International Iridologist Practitioner Association Symposium

2006 - Nashville, TN

Ellen Tart-Jensen, PhD, Dr. Daniel LoRito, Dr. John Andrews, et al

Emotional Freedom Technique, Level 1

2006 - San Marcos, TX - 6 hours

Maggie Atkins, EFT Master

Emotional Freedom Technique, Level 2

2006 - San Rafael, CA - 12 hours

Michelle Leuschen, MS, EFT Advanced Instructor

Emotional Freedom Technique, Level 3

2008 - Albuquerque, NM - 16 hours

John Freedom, EFT Advanced Instructor and Research Coordinator for ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

EFT Master Showcase

2007 - Dallas, TX - 3 Days

With Gary Craig, and EFT Masters Carol Look, Sue Beer, Emma Roberts, Karl Dawson, Sophia Cayer and David Rourke

EFT Workshop with Carol Look

2007 - Stamford, CT - 18 hours of EFT instruction

Carol Look, EFT Master

Epigenetic Medicine

Award Conference

2008 - Los Angeles, CA - 16 hours of instruction on Energy Medicine with Donna Eden, Gary Craig, David Feinstein, Tapas Fleming, and Bruce Lipton

Integrated Healing Systems

2007 - Dallas, TX

Loomis Enzymes and Iridology

Julie Laufer, ND, DHM, CMT

EFT Certificates of Completion

2006 Emotional Freedom Techniques Foundational Course (EFT-CC)

2006 Emotional Freedom Techniques Advanced Course (EFT-ADV)

IIPA Certification

2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 - Houston, TX


2005 - Houston, TX

Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, ND

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